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While I’ll totally admit to being a mascara junkie, I’m pretty discriminatory about it. To me volume is key, but it’s also got to give me quite a bit of length. No clumps, easy to remove, jet black, and a thick consistency are also must haves.

I had been intrigued by Revlon’s Lash Potion for sometime. Primarily because of Emma Stone as the model, and because the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t give it a try however until I picked up a coupon for buy any eyeliner, get any mascara free. Sold! EyesPDPLashPotionVolumecampaign12X

who wouldn’t want to look like Emma Stone?

After using it for a little over a month I can say this is honestly one of my favorite mascaras I have ever used (post coming soon on my top faves).


These are all my own lashes! Just two coats of the Lash Potion. 

In a rare moment of insanity I picked up the waterproof variety. I never wear waterproof unless I expect to be crying or if it’s terribly humid. I just lose too many lashes in the removal.

That being said – I have not tried the original formula, but I do plan on trying it soon!