Body image is a major topic in the media right now. And for good reason. Who among us could say they’ve never dealt with body image issues? While some women may struggle with self esteem and self acceptance much, much more than others, it effects each one of us.
But there’s a major trend right now to point fingers. Gap, Disney, Top Shop, even Barbie herself are just a few that have been under major attack recently.
Honestly friends, I find the idea that Barbie could forever ruin my self-love rather absurd.
I’m not trying to down-play the insecurities and struggles that girls face every day. I’ve been there. I AM there. Rather, I’m simply trying to suggest that we’re trying to fix a problem that is so much more than skin-deep.
Women crave affirmation. We’re wired that way. We naturally seek beauty, and God designed us that way.
Start with a wide-eyed, innocent preschooler. Her parents tell her she’s pretty, and she believes them whole-heartedly. But can parents instill enough self worth into a small child to last her the rest of her life? Of course not.
This sweet girl grows up and marries the love of her life. But can his love and devotion be enough to calm her every fear about her thighs? The long dreaded assumption that she is lacking in some way? Of course not. Let’s face it – for some of us that would require he follow us around 24/7, continuously reassuring us we are beautiful.
Because regardless of what we are told, beauty is so much more than skin deep. And sometimes what looks like the outward struggle for self-esteem is really just a heart’s cry of “tell me I am worth something.”
Dear friend – let me tell you what you are worth! You are worth the Creator of the Universe taking the time to intricately knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are worth the King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ desire to have an intimate friendship with you. He wants to cover you with lavish gifts, gifts of eternal life. God says we are beautiful, because He made us that way.  
What if we believed Him? Why are we so quick to believe what the media/critics/world has to say about us, yet we can’t bring ourselves to believe that God says we are worth His life to save?

What if we redefined beauty as something that we are, rather than some way that we look? By all means, there’s nothing wrong with getting all dolled up if that’s what you want to do. But let’s take a look on the inside, let’s fix what’s broken there, and may we not be so quick to start pointing fingers. 
Maybe you think this is hypocritical for a beauty blogger to write. Maybe it is. But as much as I love lipstick and mascara and clothes and glitter, what I’m trying to say is this – you can ice a cupcake with the most intricate designs and the most luxurious frosting imaginable. But all the frosting in the world can’t change what’s on the inside.
Let’s fix the problem where the problem lies.