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My husband and I have two Papillons, Macy and Zoé, who both believe with all of their furry little hearts that they are human children. Most of them time we don’t bother to correct them. One of their very favorite things in the world are the little slivers of ice cubes that fall on the floor as I’m filling up glasses. The very moment they hear the ice maker kick on they come sprinting and sliding into the kitchen to gobble up any ice cubes they can find. It’s quite adorable, really.

 However, in spite of their angelic faces, our puppies have an inherent selfish streak. It doesn’t take long before they are squabbling over each other’s ice, certain that the other has an ice cube better than their own. As I go to fill another glass they spit out their current cube and eagerly await for a new one to fall on the floor, the once treasured ice now forgotten.
Their ice cubes are identical. No difference whatsoever. Yet because it does not belong to them, they want it desperately. They leave their own behind out of pure envy of the other’s ice. As I was watching their antics a few evenings ago it struck me with sudden clarity – how often have you and I been the one to toss aside our “ice” out of desire for someone else’s? Maybe it’s their job, wardrobe, car, house, relationships, finances, etc. Would we be happier with their ice? Probably not. And I don’t think we would ever find joy because we wouldn’t be living the life God has led us to, wouldn’t get to experience all of the things that He has planned for us.
Furthermore, I am constantly coming across the sad remains of ice cubes that they have hidden somewhere within the house that they intend to enjoy later. Are we storing up “treasures” that are rapidly melting away, only to evaporate and disappear completely? Or are we spending our time and our talents on things that make a difference, things that will be remembered? Spending our time being content. Being grateful.
Your ice is not better than mine.