50good.jpg A few years ago if you had offered me a denim vest my reaction would have been similar to being handed a pair of overalls or combat boots – no, thank you. However, this summer I quickly discovered that a denim vest is your very best ally when it comes to summer sun dresses. All of those low back or spaghetti strap dresses hanging in your closet that aren’t quite appropriate for the office? Your vest can totally fix that! Much cooler than a sweater or wrap and with the same versatility as a denim jacket, the vest literally goes with anything! 48good (Side note: when did the fashion powers-that-be decide that denim blue actually goes with anything and everything else?!) 52.JPG I was more than a little bummed when I started looking for one and discovered most vests retailed about $30. I was thrilled to find this one for $11.99 at my local Ross!  h
Special thanks to Eliza Grace Photography