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Once upon a time, a certain young woman found the perfect box color at her local Ulta. For a mere $6 and thirty minutes every six weeks she could have the gorgeous deep brunette locks of her dreams.

She lived happily ever after….

for about five years until she decided she wanted highlights. At which point all the Loreal True Blue in the world (left on for twice the recommended time length) couldn’t lift her color more than just a few shades.

Did you know that permanent boxed color kits contain a type of sealant that render the color… permanent? Yes, there will always be some fade over time but the sealant will not be affected by most bleach kits.

I’m certainly not telling you that you should only have your hair colored at a salon. However – I am telling you to stop using the boxed dye you buy at Ulta, Walmart, or Target.

Don’t panic – I have a perfect replacement! Sally’s carries several different permanent hair color lines (I personally love Wella!) in a plethora of shades. I promise you that you will have no trouble using this type of color! When you choose your desired shade, the box will tell you which developer to use and what ratio.

I found out I’m actually saving money in the long run! I use to toss out over half of my boxed hair mix when I did my root touch ups. Now I can mix just the amount I need and I can use one tube of color for multiple touch ups. This type of color is also a better quality is much easier on your hair.

In the meantime, I’m quite happy with my caramel highlights, but I’m looking forward to growing all the boxed colored hair out and I will certainly never go back!