Quick disclaimer: this is not my original idea. After coming across several different pins on Pinterest suggesting to add baby powder to your lashes between coats of mascara I was dying to give it a try. I didn’t have any baby powder on hand so I used some shimmer body powder I already had from Avon, and I’m glad I did! After doing a little research I realized that it can be very dangerous to use anything containing talcum powder (an ingredient in many baby powders) around your eyes. So, #1, I do not claim for this to be my original idea, #2 check out the ingredients on your chosen powder before applying it to your lashes. The powder I use is from corn starch, and I haven’t found anything bad about it so far.

Here’s what I used:

photo 1

Start by applying your favorite mascara exactly as usual. Use as many coats as you normally would until your  lashes look just right.

Next, using a q-tip, lightly brush the ends of your lashes with a talcum-free powder. Make sure you don’t get the powder in your eye! I suggest closing your eye before applying.

photo 3

I love the extra volume and a little extra length the powder adds!