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DO slather on the moisturizer! Even if your face tends to be oily. Did you know that when our face is dry our skin actually increases oil production? So if you’re nose is too shiny, a little extra face cream can actually help!

DO moisturize morning and night. Always apply your face cream before bed (that’s when our skin cells turn over and our face needs it most) and first thing in the morning so you’re skin will have what it needs to get through the day!

DO super charge your lotion! My legs always feel super dry after shaving, and I have discovered that mixing a little Vaseline in with my lotion makes a tremendous difference! Mix it well in your hands before you apply it and you don’t have to worry about it feeling sticky or slimy.

DO be diligent with your Chapstick! Cracking, chapped lips are never lovely and can be hard to disguise.

If you have some tips and tricks for surviving winter weather I would love to hear them!