I deal with mildly dry skin year round, but each year when the cold weather hits my skin takes a serious downhill turn. Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned and picked up along the way to make winter time a little less frightful!

Don’t skimp on the moisturizer. This one is a no-brainer, right? But how many times are we just too tired, or in too big of a hurry to take that extra five minutes? Make the time, your skin will thank you!

Don’t linger under the hot water. I know I tend to take extra long, hot showers on cold winter mornings, but all of that hot water can really do a number on your skin, particularly your scalp. And there is nothing beautiful about an itchy, flaky scalp!

Don’t cut back on your water intake. In winter weather our thoughts turn to coffees, cocoas and capuccinos, but make sure you’re drinking your eight daily servings of water! (That’s about four bottles of water each day).

Don’t forget about your hair! Heaters dry out the air indoors leaving your hair dry, brittle, and full of static. Make sure you use a deep conditioner and try running an oil based serum through your ends while your hair is still damp.

Don’t pretend this article doesn’t apply to you! Dry skin is more prone to wrinkle. Take care of your skin, and check back tomorrow for my winter skincare DO’s!