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I’ve been wanting to try a really good whitening product but haven’t had the courage or the means to hand over $30 for whitening strips. So when I came across Luster Now Whitening Toothpaste I was immediately intrigued. It was only $5.97 at Walmart, and honestly the “Allure” seal was what really sold me!

The promise: to deliver whiter teeth in merely one brushing.

It’s important to note that this is not actually a whitening system, it simply tints your teeth to look whiter & brighter, and the effect does seem to last for several hours. Because it’s just a tint, it’s gentle enough to use every day.

I used it and immediately thought I could tell an difference, but I was afraid I was merely seeing what I wanted to believe, so I talked my husband into using it. He liked it too!

I’m still going to be saving up my pennies for a really good whitening system, but I highly recommend Luster for a quick whitening boost! Oh and the flavor? Happy Mint. What’s not to love?