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Bad hair days. We all have them. Miss Zoé here is living proof!


But it isn’t something we can’t work through! My favorite fix for a bad hair day is simple and requires four or five hair pins and some hair spray. It works well for medium and long length hair. For me it works better if I have a little curl in my hair, but I have managed to pull it off with straight hair as well. If my hair is straight I like to spritz a little texturizing spray to my length and rough it up just a little. If I have a few extra minutes I like to tease the hair at the back of my crown for some extra height. 

To me, it feels like a slightly more elegant version of a top knot or high bun.

1) Grab your hair in a low pony near the nape of your neck, and while holding it with one hand pull up some of the hair at your roots to create a “puffy” volume effect.

2) Gently twist your length into a bun and pin with your hair pins. I like to loosen the bun just a little to create a softer look.hair

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend filled with family, friends & vanilla cappucinos!