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Emerald Earrings - How to Find the BEST Sales!

I’ve never been one much for couponing. Partially because I haven’t taken enough time to really learn how to do it, and partially because I saw an episode of Bones where an extreme couponer was murdered for her coupons by another couponer. Either way, I can’t help you there. But I can give you all the info on clothes sales!

You know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? Well no money is the mother of knowing all the best clearance racks.

Rule #1: Do not buy something just because it is on sale. Patience will earn you “Take 25% off the lowest clearance price”, you just have to wait for it.
Rule #2:  Dig, dig, dig! A weekly dig through the Target clearance rack earned me this:

(just in case you can’t read that, it says NOW: $1.56)
Which turned into this outfit:

and was well worth all one hundred and fifty six pennies!

So here’s the round-up:

Target – my go-to everytime, and home of the A-List designer collaborations! Get in there and dig around and you will be most pleasantly surprised at what you can find! It’s worth noting that their clothes will often be additionally marked down from the original clearance price, so keep checking. However, word on the street is that the lowest Target will go is 70% off (excluding seasonal items). They also have fabulous markdowns on their shoes, and don’t forget to check the clearance on their website. It’s amazing. Add on the Target Cartwheel app, which offers additional 10-20% off apparell coupons, and you can see why Target tops my list.

Kohls – the clearance rack jack pot. I do a lot of my shopping off-season, and Kohls is probably the best place for that. Last May I spent about $50 on winter clothing, and I ended up with four blouses, a dress, two turtlenecks for layering, a pair of pants, and a sweater. That averages about $3.84 an item!

Catos – If you have a Catos in your area, this is the place to go for clearance dresses! Case in point: photo 2(I don’t know why all of these are blue. Remind me not to buy any more cobalt!)

photo 1 

The moral of the story is to take time to look! There are a lot of online places to shop clearance also, but I’m going to save them for another post! Be watching for an upcoming post with more details on off-season shopping.

Questions? Leave me a message!