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Always Wear Your Sunglasses

As much as I love all things related to beauty, I’ll be the first to admit it gets confusing at times. Especially when it comes to skin care. Everything you read seems to contradict itself. Do use retinoids in your twenties, or wait until your thirties? Use a light exfoliant every night, or a hefty one twice a month? Should you keep your skin out of the sun, or make sure you soak up your Vitamin D?

However, there are a few tried and true skin care tips I live by:

1) Always wear your sunglasses. Even if it’s not super bright outside. Aside from making you look fabulous, they prevent you from squinting, and squinting = wrinkles. Not good!

2) Drink more water! Many doctors and health specialists believe that the majority of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Not only can this wreak havoc on your health, but your skin will suffer greatly as well. Focus on drinking eight servings of water a day (about four water bottles).

3) Apply your eye moisturizer with your ring finger. Your ring finger has fewer muscles than your other fingers, which makes it ideal for applying your under and upper eye moisturizers because it will push and pull less.

4) Wash your face every night. EVERY night. No excuses. It is so well worth the 5 minutes it may take you.

5) Always apply moisturizer before bed. It’s important to remember that your skin is porous, it literally absorbs much of what is applied to your face, and even more so at night. While we are sleeping our skin is hard at work turning over dead skin cells and preparing new ones. Make sure you give it good stuff to work with!

Do you have other tips you would include in your top five? Leave me a comment below!