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As the seasons change, department stores would have you to believe that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe for the coming season. Don’t get me wrong, I love to update my wardrobe a little for each new season. But having an entirely different closet for spring and fall would not only be extremely expensive, but it’s also totally unneccessary. In fact, as we speak I’m sure there are many different pieces in your closet that would love to do double duty!

Here’s how I styled a dress from my own closet. It has a solid underlay with a sheer, floral overlay. I got it at Target on major clearance for less than $15.
For Spring I paired it with strappy hot pink heels, a long golden necklace and lots of stacked bracelets to keep it light and sparkly.

For Fall I added a studded headband and a woven belt to add texture, a long cozy cardigan, dark leggings and the piéce de résistance – knee high faux leather boots.

With a little creativity a single item can result in many different outfits, all it takes is a few minutes of thinking outside the box! The biggest challenge when pairing your lighter dresses with boots is to watch your silhouettes! If the skirt is too full or too long it’s best to pair it with tights and heels, skip the boots. And when wearing boots, always add leggings or tights!

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