Get Organized


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I absolutely love feeling organized, but to be honest it can be a true struggle for me to get to that point. My hair products have been dividing their time between tossed in a Rubbermaid tub and rolling around the counter in hopes that I might get the chance to style my hair. So, when I stumbled upon this hair caddy at Ulta I was so excited to give it a chance! 


My biggest challenge when it comes to cosmetic organizes is running out of room. As you can see I have space for all of my favorites with room to spare!  


I love that the bottom feels strong enough to cart around all of my different bottles of hair product and the heavy duty handle feels strong and doesn’t cut into your hand. 


I will mostly be using mine to organize my products at home, but it would also be perfect for vacation use or to bring everything along to do someone’s hair. 

They’re on sale for $9.99 right now – the regular price is $24.99 which feels too steep to me. I found mine in store but they are listed online here: 

Three Great Shoes for Fall!



Fall is quickly approaching — don’t let your feet be unprepared! These three great shoe options for fall will get you all the way through this season and beyond.

1. The Black Pump

There may have been a time in fashion history when the classic black pump was a bit overdone and boring, but those days are now over! Paired with jeans, they create an incredibly feminine, ultra polished look that will literally have you rising above the world of flats. Wear them with a sleek and slim pencil skirt, and you’ll look and feel completely put together.

Pumps with a stiletto heel are my absolute favorite shoe to wear because they make me feel so ladylike. And the fact that you can wear them with just about anything makes them an automatic win.

2. Cognac Leather Boots

Cognac (a caramel shade) is a super hot color this fall, and we’re in luck, because it goes with almost anything. Forget what you’ve been told about never mixing black and brown and pair these boots with a casual black dress for your new favorite outfit. Look for a pair that’s slouchy enough to fit over your skinny jeans but still dressy enough to pair with skirts and dresses for work. The best part about these boots: You can wear your striped fuzzy socks all day long, and no one will ever know. That makes for some seriously happy feet!

3. Loafers


Perfect for those crisp fall weekends, look for a solid-colored pair to play up the color blocking trend. Golden yellow, royal purple, and dark burgundy are all getting their time in the spotlight this fall. If you’re looking for something a little edgier, go with a pair that features metallic studs or accents. I still love a classic pair of loafers with tassels!


What trends are you most excited about this fall?  

New Skincare Regimen


Turning 25 makes you stop and think about a lot of things. “What have I really accomplished so far in life?” “If 50 is the new 30, what is 30 now?” – and the big one – “Why am I not taking my skincare more seriously?”

It’s not that I had been ignoring it completely, I never sleep in my makeup and I’m always slathering on moisturizer. It’s just that my regimen has been rather unconventional at best. Having dealt with combination skin since highschool, I tended to flutter back and forth between covering my forehead and chin in acne medications and Proactive masks to fight off that random stubborn break-out, to dousing my skin in heavy cream moisturizers to heal the parched, flaking skin caused by my own face products. Pregnancy changed this vicious cycle a little, not only as I gave up Salicylic acid, but also as keeping my eyes open past 8:30pm, or fighting morning sickness for a lengthy morning routine caused me to drop down to the bare minimum. Caring for a newborn left me with even less time or interest in lengthy routines. One night I found myself applying an SPF Day Cream to my exhausted skin before going to bed, I decided it was time to be an adult and take responsibility for my skin.

After reading endless numbers of product reviews and researching all my options – this is what I have come up with. A gentle, steady combination of products that won’t irritate my skin with harsh chemicals and will still take care of my combination skin.


A.M.I’ve stopped washing my face in the mornings. A few years ago the thought would have totally disgusted me, but I’ve discovered that my skin didn’t need it, and seems to stay better balanced without washing. 

Vitamin E Wipe – I do however use a vitamin E wipe. I buy these at the Dollar Tree for $1. They are very mild and don’t sting my eyes the way some wipes do.

Anew Vitale Day Lotion with SPF 25 – Lightweight, oil-free, and claims to diminish pores (my biggest complaint about my skin). This lotion absorbs wonderfully and I love the smell. 


Cold Cream – I use the Avon brand, but I’ve used several different brands and they all seem to be about the same to me. I’m not exactly sure how effective cold cream is in cleansing, but to me it is by far the most relaxing part of my routine, and it does remove all of my eye makeup (I don’t wear waterproof).

Anew Reversalist Foaming Cream Cleanser This cleanser is unlike any I have ever used before. It only takes a very tiny amount, and it creates the richest, most luxurious foam I’ve ever experienced. 

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner I love that this toner is alcohol free, so it won’t dry out my skin, but it still removes any final traces of makeup and helps keep my pores clear. (I’m currently using the Target brand of this product, and I love it just as well!)

Anew Vitale Night Cream – This is the sister to the day cream that I use, and I love it just as well. 


I used to be a little over zealous with my Clarisonic (I use the Ulta Brand), which would irritate my skin, causing me to have to quit using it for a time, and then starting the process all over again. I now use my Clarisonic only once a week, on Wednesday evenings, and it seems to be the perfect balance for my skin.

So far I love the way everything is working together! I feel like my skin is clearer and healthier than maybe ever before. 

I use a lot of Avon products – I sell Avon so I get a hefty discount on mine. However, I do love their products and highly recommend them! If you are local and would like to give it a try, Contact Me and I’ll give you 10% off any of the products I’ve mentioned in this article.    

Birthday Freebies


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I love birthdays, and to be honest, I love freebies. Especially when it comes to beauty products. One of the best things about having a birthday are the free products your favorite stores and brands give you during your birth month.

I received several other offers, but for the sake of this post I’m only including the birthday gifts that are completely free, no strings attached. To receive these gifts, the only requirement is to be signed up for their emails or be a “club” member, which is always free.

Here were my favorite gifts!

Ulta – Urban Decay Travel Size Eyeliner in Voodoo, a gorgeous violet.
You also receive 2x bonus points on anything you buy during your birth month! I’m also including a couple of food offers because I’m hungry. haha.

Victoria’s Secret – $10 off any purchase

Charming Charlie’s – $5 off any purchase
I happened to stop in when they were having one of their Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales on all clearance items. Major score!

Sephora – NARS Lip Pencils in Cruella (a classic red and cult favorite) and Rikugien (a cheerful, hot pink). 

Pizza Hut – Free Cinnamon Sticks with any online order (hint: you don’t have to order anything else)

Subway – 20 Free Points
Get a free Subway card the next time you are at one of their stores, and be sure to register it from your computer. If you give them your date of birth they will give you 20 points on your birthday. That’s enough for a fountain drink, bag of chips, or two cookies!



Product Review – Revlon Lash Potion


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While I’ll totally admit to being a mascara junkie, I’m pretty discriminatory about it. To me volume is key, but it’s also got to give me quite a bit of length. No clumps, easy to remove, jet black, and a thick consistency are also must haves.

I had been intrigued by Revlon’s Lash Potion for sometime. Primarily because of Emma Stone as the model, and because the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t give it a try however until I picked up a coupon for buy any eyeliner, get any mascara free. Sold! EyesPDPLashPotionVolumecampaign12X

who wouldn’t want to look like Emma Stone?

After using it for a little over a month I can say this is honestly one of my favorite mascaras I have ever used (post coming soon on my top faves).


These are all my own lashes! Just two coats of the Lash Potion. 

In a rare moment of insanity I picked up the waterproof variety. I never wear waterproof unless I expect to be crying or if it’s terribly humid. I just lose too many lashes in the removal.

That being said – I have not tried the original formula, but I do plan on trying it soon!

Maternity Fashion – Week 1


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IMG_1327It wasn’t long after I found out I was expecting that I started googling “stylish maternity outfits”. My budget certainly didn’t have room for a whole new wardrobe, so I needed to incorporate as many of my current pieces as possible. And while Pinterest provided some good ideas I still struggled struggle to find an outfit that both (a) looks somewhat attractive and (b) somewhat  fits haha. I don’t claim to have this figured out by any means, but I thought I would share with you what I wore this week in hopes it might inspire you to create a new outfit of your own!

Maternity Tip #1: Identify non-maternity pieces already in your closet that you can continue to wear with maternity items. For me this week that was a maxi skirt, non-maternity dresses with an empire waist, and a favorite kimono.

IMG_1287Monday: Non-maternity skirt with waistband folded down, non-maternity stretch rib-knit tank in a size larger.


Tuesday: Non-maternity dress with an empire waist, cardigan.

Wednesday: Non-maternity dress with an empire waist, cardigan, belt above baby bump to add a little more shape.

Thursday: Black maternity pants, stretch tank, regular kimono.

Friday: Regular jeans with Belly Button band (best thing ever, by the way! more on that to come soon!), maternity top by H&M (borrowed), fun accessories to dress up the look.


Have any good tips or tricks to dress this bump and still feel like yourself? I’m all ears!



Monday Musings – Jewelry

Any of you that know me know my love affair with jewelry. My husband has set a limit for the amount of rings I’m allowed to wear at any one time. My best regards to Ms. Chanel, but I follow a “more is more” philosophy when it comes to my accessories.

That being said, I was driving to work a few mornings ago and was thinking about jewelry haha. It’s certainly nothing new – we’ve been adorning ourselves with jewelry just about since creation. But it suddenly dawned on me that if we think about it long enough the concept of jewelry is, well, just a little bit odd. We can put round embellishments on the long apendixes that extend from our hands and as long as they aren’t too big they’ll stay! We can drape chains around our necks and if we can find a way to get a bracelet past our hands they’ll stay on our arms.

Yep. One of those things it’s better not to analyze.

Wishing you the loveliest week!





p.s. Speaking of jewelry, if you’re not too weirded out yet, haha – check out my sister’s brand new Etsy shop – So She Did. Her handcrafted jewelry is adorable!


Product Review – NYX Matte Lip Cream

Nyx CosmeticsSoft Matte Lip Cream

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m addicted to matte lip color.

But I can explain!

The staying power of matte creams far exceeds that of any lipstick or gloss I’ve ever tried. I’ve never been a fan of stains, to me they’re usually sticky and don’t fade evenly. I got stuck on matte shades over the fall. I still love high gloss, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it just has to be matte.

I tried NYX Matte Lip Cream on a whim after seeing a blog post about it and encountering it on sale. It was love at first sight! (use?) I started with Antwerp for my sister’s wedding, and snatched up Monte Carlo and Cairo on a buy one get one free sale! Ulta is always running NYX make-up on sale, and with the $3.50 off your $10 purchase they can be really affordable if you have the patience to wait!

Let me know if you decided to give one a try!



Monday Musings – Fragrance

I sell Avon so I tend to pick up the newest Avon fragrance when they’re offered to the reps at a preview price. This habit has left me with a disarray of random fragrances. I had a major revelation the other morning as I was choosing my fragrance for the day that I tend to choose my fragrance accordingly to what I’m wearing. For example, if I’m wearing warm tones such as red, gold, or purple I look for “warm”, thick scents with musk and florals. If I’m wearing turquoise, green or silver I like to wear “cool” scents that feel very fresh and clean. For some reason I like to wear sharp scents with white.

Am I the only one that does this? Please tell me I’m not alone!

On a side note, has anyone tried hair perfume? I’m very intrigued but not quite enough to spend the $$ on it yet.